We are a dedicated seed and angel fund based in Berlin and São Paulo. We believe in growing ideas by bringing people together and building tangible and fruitful relationships. Welcome to RIGI Ventures.

What We do

We provide seed financing and early-stage management support for entrepreneurs. Combining a strong network of experts we offer support from strategy, operations and marketing to follow-up financing, IT and Legal. We believe in starting lean, enabling businesses to grow sustainably with a solid foundation.

What we're looking for

We work with highly involved entrepreneurs who strongly believe in their ideas, and who are keen in building partnerships and knowledge. Our partners are convinced that they can revolutionize their market, and show the initiative and passion to realize their dreams.

Where to find us

Based in Berlin and São Paulo, we are focusing on Brasilian and German start-ups. If you think we're right for each other, click here to find out how to contact us.